The evaluation of blood coagulation and platelet-function diagnosis represents a complex and important part in the treatment of patients with, for example heart disease, strokes, surgery, blood transfusions and the medication for long-term therapies. Here especially the reliability and precision, but also quick and easy availability of measuring results are essential to allow medical specialists from clinics, hospitals and laboratories an accurate assessment of critical diagnostic information to maintain and restore the health or alleviate complaints of the patients.

We at LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH (LABiTec) are focused on the development, production and distribution of high quality and efficient healthcare systems in the field of haemostasis and platelet-function specialized diagnostics.

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"As a worldwide active supplier, we have a complete range of products ranging from easy to understand, semi-automatic systems, to extensive fully automatic measuring systems as well as the associated consumables and a range of coagulation reagents."

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As a successor of LAbor Laborgeräte + Analysensysteme Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (LAbor Fibrin-timer), we look back on an over 25 year’s ongoing, successful history. The resulting experience in development, registration, sale, service and support as well as system applications provides to our customers the security to rely on a competent partner at any time. Our qualified specialists warrant high product quality and provide market oriented, new and innovative products for the healthcare market.

The following pages will give you a comprehensive insight into our products as well as our other available services. We hope you enjoy!

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